Tips on Birthday Cakes

Traditionally every birthday celebration includes a cake or dessert of some sort. Whether you decide to make a cake yourself, buy it premade or order a custom cake, the guest of honour receives this dessert as a milestone token.

Homemade Birthday Cakes

Many people are very handy in the kitchen and enjoy creating a cake for that special person celebrating a birthday. Putting your creativity to work can result in some beautiful cakes. Whether you use a boxed cake mix as your base or make it from scratch, the love and effort you put into it are appreciated by all.

Making a homemade birthday cake is often more economical than purchasing a premade or custom cake. You also can add your personal touches to the finish of the cake. Making homemade birthday cakes can be especially important when you are baking for those who have allergies. Ensuring a birthday cake is allergy-free is very important. Some flavour ideas for homemade birthday cakes are vanilla, chocolate, marble, lemon, carrot, black forest, spice cake and many other varieties.

Premade Birthday Cakes

Purchasing a premade birthday cake is a fast and convenient way to get one when time is tight. The great thing about premade birthday cakes is the fact that you don’t necessarily have to order them. You can walk into a store and pick it out. Most stores will write birthday wishes on the cake for you in the colour of icing of your choice. Premade cakes come in many different sizes, shapes and flavours.

Custom Made Birthday Cakes

When someone is celebrating a milestone birthday or a child’s birthday, quite often, they choose to have a custom-designed cake made. This can be on the expensive side; however, any cake can be custom made. Maybe a theme they enjoy, such as skateboarding, or a favourite TV character or show.