Royal Wedding Cakes

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert: 1840

In 1840 when Queen Victoria, Prince Harry’s great-great-great-grandmother, married Prince Albert, their cake set the standard in modern, extravagant wedding cakes. It was a large tiered wedding cake covered in white icing. It weighed almost 300 pounds and was nine feet round. The white icing on the cake is referred to as royal icing.

Princess Royal Victoria Adelaide Mary Louisa and Emperor Frederick III: 1858

When Princess Royal Victoria married Emperor Frederick III, their extravagant wedding cake was a model of St. Peter’s Basilica. The top of their cake even featured a square structure that resembled St.Peter’s Baldachin. It included a Baroque canopy held up by four spiralled columns.

King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra: 1863

At the time of their wedding, King Edward VII was known as the Prince of Wales. In 1863, when he married Princess Alexandra of Denmark, their wedding cake resembled a Gothic church. The top of the cake was crowned with a pot of flowers. A staid cameo of the prince was in the centre of the cake.

Princess Louise and the Marquess of Lorne: 1871

The cake at this wedding was inspired by Italian and French architecture and some Greek mythology. The top of the cake was a female Greek goddess, holding a pitcher. The cake was decorated with flowers, cherubs, vases and greek columns.

Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer: 1981

There were 27 cakes at Prince Charles and Lady Diana’s wedding. However, the official wedding cake was five tiers measuring five feet tall and was over 200 pounds in weight. The white iced cake included the family coat of arms, flowers and Charles and Diana’s initials. The cake resembled a German Christmas pyramid.

There are many more beautiful lavish Royal wedding cakes; the above-noted are only a few.