Interesting Celebratory Cakes

There are undoubtedly many occasions for which you may want a cake at the event. Any exciting event in someone’s life can warrant a fabulous cake. Even something as simple as your child obtaining their driver’s licence can be celebrated with a cake.

Wedding Showers

Most wedding showers have a cake to honour the union of the couple. You can have a lot of fun with wedding shower cakes by making them humourous. Adding a cake topper of the groom running away from the bride is a good example. Some wedding shower cakes are almost as elaborate as the actual wedding cake.

Baby Showers

Baby showers can be held before or after a baby is born. It is becoming more popular today to have the baby shower after the baby is born so the guests can meet the new child. Traditionally a baby shower cake before the birth of the baby offers congratulations to the mother and father of the baby. When the child has already been born, the shower cake is a welcome cake to the baby.

Wedding Anniversary Cakes

Many people celebrate wedding anniversary milestones. Sometimes a layer of the original cake is frozen and then used to mark a first wedding anniversary. Other wedding anniversary milestones that are usually celebrated are 25 years and 50 years, and if the couple is fortunate enough, maybe even 75 years.

  • 25th: Anniversary cakes can be designed to replicate their original wedding cake. A 25th wedding anniversary is known as a silver anniversary, and the cake may be decorated using silver accents.
  • 50th: A 50th wedding anniversary is known as the gold anniversary, and the cake may be decorated using gold accents. A 75th wedding anniversary is known as a diamond anniversary, and the cake may be decorated with imitation diamonds.