Flavours of Wedding Cakes

Traditional Wedding Cake

Traditionally, a wedding cake was made with a fruitcake base containing sweet candied fruits soaked in high proof spirits. The cake was iced with a rock hard white royal icing. The layers were held together by sugar. Due to the composition of the cake, it could virtually last decades.

Wedding Cakes Today

Today the options for creating wedding cakes are endless. Below you will find some unique wedding cake ideas that are used today.

Cinnamon Bun

This wedding cake consists of two layers of cinnamon buns, held together with the super-sweet icing that is iconic to cinnamon buns. The cake is then covered in walnuts and caramel melts.

Orange and Lemon

A cake baked with orange and lemon flavours and iced with a soft orange icing. It is then decorated with meringue puffs and citrus slices.

Strawberry Shortcake

This cake is a strawberry shortcake flavour covered with black fondant. The five-tier cake is then decorated with sugar flowers.

Honeycomb Cake

This cake is created in the form of a honeycomb. It is designed with honey dripping from the top and accented with roses. Who doesn’t love the taste of honey?

Confetti Cake

A vanilla confetti multi-tiered wedding cake, with vanilla buttercream icing between the layers. The cake is decorated with pearl candy surrounding a few of the layers.

Carrot Cake

A carrot cake is frosted with sweet hand-painted icing. The combination of the savoury carrot mixed with the sweet frosting makes this cake delicious.

White Chocolate and Raspberry Cake

A wedding cake base of raspberry and white chocolate covered in white icing. The base layer supports a tower of pink macaroons topped with white flowers.

As you can see, wedding cakes today reflect the creativity and tastes of the bride and groom. For some, though, the fruit cake is the only type they believe should be at a wedding.