Casino Themed Parties

Casino play has become a very popular form of entertainment. Many people who have friends and family who enjoy casino play host casino themed parties. Home parties seem to be making a comeback. These parties can be decorated with all kinds of items that would be found at a casino. Even custom cakes can be made and displayed as a focal point during the party. The various things you can buy to host this themed party are casino napkins, paper cups, tablecloths, streamers and even giveaways. Casino style games can be set up to entertain guests as well.

Casino Themed Cakes

The sky is the limit when it comes to casino themed custom cakes. Cakes can be designed to replicate slot machines such as the ones on the Royal vegas slots gaming site. Anyone of those slots can be designed into a cake. Cupcake desserts are a big hit nowadays. They are much easier to serve as you pull a cupcake off for each person. No knives are necessary for these types of cakes.

Casino Themed Jack and Jill Parties

Most Jack and Jill parties are designed to generate income for the bride and groom. Quite often, the facility is set up like a casino so guests can play games. When the guests play these games, and they lose, the money is accumulated for the bride and groom. A casino themed cake can be placed on the food table as one of the desserts guests can enjoy. A separate area can also be set up to host an online slot tournament. Guests can pay a tournament fee to play against each other on laptops and prizes can be given to the first and second place. This is also an excellent way for both sides of the family to get to know one another.