Cake and Confectionery Themed Computer and Online Slot Games

Something that attracts the eye of many people is cake, candy and desserts. Today there are so many themed items about these delicious edibles. Some things you may find that are produced with these themes are clothing, linens, board games, computer games, small appliances and even online slot games. Any tangible product can be shaped or themed quite easily.

Board Games

There are so many board games that are themed based on candy and other sweets. One of the more popular kids’ games is called Candy Land. Homemade sweets games can also be made, such as licorice checkers, using licorice pieces instead of traditional checker pieces. Candy bingo is another fun game that children enjoy. Candy tic-tac-toe is another homemade board game that is fun for kids to play.

Sweet Themed Online Slot Games

Many online gaming sites have a variety of sweets inspired games. Many of the traditional online slot games include fruit icons such as cherries and oranges, so visit here to see a variety of online slot games. Online gaming sites are so much fun and provide a different range of entertainment from live casino play to table games, poker and slots.

Computer Games

There are a variety of computer games that are inspired by sweets. Children especially enjoy these kinds of games. Some of the frequently enjoyed computer games are Cookie Jam, Candy Crush Saga, Christmas Adventure Candy Storm, Gummy Drop and Pinata.

Vintage Video Games

Even Pac-Man that has been around for years, resembles a pizza with a piece cut out. Root Beer Tapper is another vintage video game that has been enjoyed over the years. Cake Mania was introduced when web-based games first came out. It’s a cake baking simulator. Food fight video games were popular in arcades.

Themed cakes add an extra touch to any occasion.