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Casino Themed Parties

Casino play has become a very popular form of entertainment. Many people who have friends and family who enjoy casino play host casino themed parties. Home parties seem to be making a comeback. These parties can be decorated with all kinds of items that would be found at a casino. Even custom cakes can

Enjoying the Taste of Cake Anytime

There doesn’t have to be a special occasion to enjoy a delicious piece of cake. Cake and confectioneries can be eaten any day of the week. Many people, when they sit down at night to watch television, tend to get the munchies. This often happens when commercials are advertising different foods, which sparks a

Cake and Confectionery Themed Computer and Online Slot Games

Something that attracts the eye of many people is cake, candy and desserts. Today there are so many themed items about these delicious edibles. Some things you may find that are produced with these themes are clothing, linens, board games, computer games, small appliances and even online slot games. Any tangible product can be

History of Wedding Cakes

As Far Back as 1685 A cookbook dated 1685 had the very first wedding dessert recipe. It was not a cake, it was an elaborately decorated pie. The pie filling was made with a variety of savoury meats, spices and offal. Some traditions included hiding a ring in the pie so that the woman

Interesting Celebratory Cakes

There are undoubtedly many occasions for which you may want a cake at the event. Any exciting event in someone’s life can warrant a fabulous cake. Even something as simple as your child obtaining their driver’s licence can be celebrated with a cake. Wedding Showers Most wedding showers have a cake to honour the

Flavours of Wedding Cakes

Traditional Wedding Cake Traditionally, a wedding cake was made with a fruitcake base containing sweet candied fruits soaked in high proof spirits. The cake was iced with a rock hard white royal icing. The layers were held together by sugar. Due to the composition of the cake, it could virtually last decades. Wedding Cakes

Royal Wedding Cakes

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert: 1840 In 1840 when Queen Victoria, Prince Harry’s great-great-great-grandmother, married Prince Albert, their cake set the standard in modern, extravagant wedding cakes. It was a large tiered wedding cake covered in white icing. It weighed almost 300 pounds and was nine feet round. The white icing on the cake

Tips on Birthday Cakes

Traditionally every birthday celebration includes a cake or dessert of some sort. Whether you decide to make a cake yourself, buy it premade or order a custom cake, the guest of honour receives this dessert as a milestone token. Homemade Birthday Cakes Many people are very handy in the kitchen and enjoy creating a