Welcome to our blog that is dedicated to cakes and the celebrations where they are served, as well as all the different flavours. Here we have covered many various topics regarding these, and you are sure to find it interesting and informative. Some of the highlights are as follows.


  • Going back in time
  • Royal wedding cakes
  • Flavours of wedding cakes
  • Tips on birthday cakes
  • Celebratory cakes
  • Themed cakes
  • Enjoying the taste of cake anytime
  • Casino themed parties

The information we have provided to you can give ideas on different styles of cakes, on how to decorate cakes and when and where cakes can be served and enjoyed. Cakes and confections can literally be enjoyed anywhere, anytime. Traditionally, when there is a special occasion, it is common to have a cake that depicts the occasion or event.


Many wedding venues offer a sweet table later in the evening after the festivities are well underway. Some couples choose this as the time to serve their wedding cake slices to their guests. Many other sweets, cakes and confections are typically added to the table, so there is something to satisfy every guest’s palate. Other couples may choose to have their wedding cake sliced and packaged to hand out to their guests while they make their way around to greet them all.

Any Occasion

Cakes are welcome at any occasion. Cakes also make great hostess gifts when invited to someone’s home for dinner. Cakes can be made using any flavours, traditional vanilla and chocolate or custom gourmet cakes.